Real DJs Love Cue Play DJ

One of the project goals with Cue Play DJ was to make an application and an interface that would be instantly familiar to “real DJs.” If we can get you to understand Cue Play DJ on a fundamental mixing level, you can walk up to any set of CDJs and mixers in the world and those skills will transfer. They will transfer even more closely if you walk up to a Serato Scratch or Traktor setup. On the other hand, if you already know how to DJ, Cue Play DJ shouldn’t force you to learn how to do it all over again. There are interesting ideas, such as visual mixing, or slick interface designs based on Apple’s HID guidelines, but the only interface we care about is the mixer and decks. They should look real and behave realistically. We think we hit the right balance.

Ferry Corsten ( was recently in Japan to play to crowds in Osaka and Tokyo. During his trip on the bullet train, we sat down with the latest version of Cue Play DJ and discussed where we could improve the application and what interesting features we can add for future versions. Feedback from world class DJs like Ferry is critical to making Cue Play DJ the only DJing solution you will ever need for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Ferry was so happy with the app, he let us take a picture of him with the app in ageHa, Japan’s leading superclub. Ferry was playing on DVDs that night for his Once Upon A Night release tour, but how long will it be before someone of his caliber is playing a real gig on an iPhone.

Sooner than you think! DJ Taro, longtime lunchtime DJ on Tokyo’s seminal J-Wave radio station ( decided to do a set live on the air via his iPad and Cue Play DJ!

His experiment on-the-air was also broadcast over his in-booth live Ustream account. In addition to the countless radio listeners, nearly 2000 people signed in to UStream to see DJ Taro play on Cue Play DJ.

We even got to meet up with him later on that week to discuss his experiences using the application in a professional environment, and how we can make sure Cue Play DJs like Taro or Ferry never have to worry about the tool they are using, but how we can get them to focus on their mix and their audience.

Real DJs love Cue Play DJ because it enables them to use an interface they love to play the music they adore, but even if you are a beginner, Cue Play DJ will get you into the beats faster than anything else. It will make you a “Real DJ.” Who knows where you will take your skills from there.

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  1. vdrumpro

    4 years ago

    it’s a ghost-town here… is there an active website in japan? Looks like things just stopped progressing here, which is sad. I’ve yet to see anyone on youtube ‘getting down’ with this app. It’s a great app– once you get your BPM right.. which brings me to my problem.. 40 pages of tracks I’ve custom edited cues and BPM’s.. how do I save that info so I can redo my ipod touch with ios4?


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